Batchoy With Misua

misua soup
misua soup (Photo credit: digipam)
This Filipino recipe originated in La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines often times referred to as La paz batchoy.  This is a noodle soup with pork organs and other optional shrimp and vegetable ingredients.


½ kg internal organs of pig
1 pc onions
3 cloves garlic
1 small piece ginger
1 pc misua
Fish sauce (patis)
3 cups water or water from boiling rice (tubig galing sa pinagpakuluan ng sinaing na bigas).


Cut the internal organs of pig into small cubes about 1 inch size.
Finely cut the onions, crush the garlic onions and cut about 1 Tbsp ginger into julienne.

Saute the garlic until golden brown then set aside.  Saute the ginger until brown then add the onions, add the cut internal organs then add 2 spoons of fish sauce.  Let it simmer  for awhile then add about 1 cup of water.  Cover and let it boil until it is almost dry then add the water from boiling rice.  Let it boil for 2 minutes then put the misua.  Add vetchin. To avoid the misua to be cooked very soft, remove immediately from fire, serve after 2 minutes of boiling.

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